Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 3

You’re driving the wrong car.

Imagine pulling up to the Indie 500 in a 4-cylinder sedan. And you’re here to race! You want to get ahead. To win! To come in, perhaps, in the top ten. With that vehicle? Sorry, pops. No dice.

Want to get ahead in wealth creation? You’re going to need a different vehicle, a faster means of getting where you want to be. And for most middle-class or lower-income individuals, you simply don’t have the right means.

Here’s the problem.

There are very few people who become millionaires (or more) gaining 6%-8% APR on their money each year, which is your typical stock market returns minus the cost of inflation. Yes, compound interest is a thing. Yes, if you work your entire life, save-and-save-and-save-some-more, you can possibly get there. The problem with this model, however, is that it assumes an 1) entire life of steady income, 2) no massive financial circumstances (loss of a job, paying for a kid’s college tuition, etc.), and 3) does not pursue additional income creation.

In short, it’s the typical, middle-class person with an IRA or 401k strategy. What’s worse is that the savings you do have is locked away and can only be accessed with a harsh withdrawal penalty. Now, it isn’t a bad financial path. It will get you to the destination. Just not quickly.

If you want out of the rat race…

You simply need faster means. It’s the difference between walking a mile, running a mile, or driving a mile. Walking a mile will get you where you are going. Running a mile will get you there about two to three times faster, and driving will get you there exponentially faster.

One of the things I love about our promissory notes is that we get you there much, much faster. It’s not as fast or as lucrative as business creation can be, but it beats the typical, middle class strategy every day of the week. It offers consistent, regular income at a fixed APR which can easily snowball into more and more income once you get a few notes in your possession.

If you’re wondering more about private lending, you’re welcome to schedule a time to talk. If you’d like to read more of my cyber-etchings, more posts can be found here.

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