My CEO Has This Saying

“Your job is to save people from themselves.”

When I first started down this path to financial independence well over a year ago, my CEO said this simple phrase to me. “Jay, your job is to save people from themselves.”

Mind you, he was saying this well before I started networking for him like I am now. Throughout our first year of collaboration, I didn’t get it. Save people from themselves? What a cliché statement. What does that even mean? I didn’t see any weight behind the words. I brushed it off.

However, because he’s one magnanimous individual, he kept repeating it to me, over and over again. I daresay I heard that phrase every time we had a conversation (and we’ve had a lot of conversations). “Jay, your job is to save people from themselves.”

Now, I get it.

The more I network, the more I come across dozens upon dozens of people that truly do need our help: People who hate their jobs. People who sacrifice their family on the altar of vocation. Men and women putting in over 60 hours a week to save for retirement. Struggling business owners who are desperate for another income source during COVID. People who want a house but cannot afford it. People who have money locked up in an IRA that recently lost their job. People who have to choose between groceries and their electrical bill. People drowning in debt, bills, and back payments.

Even today, I talked briefly with a guy who wanted to remodel his kitchen. He had the cash for it, but didn’t want to spend the money. I chimed in, “Well, how about I help you remodel your kitchen for free?” I messaged him briefly about what we do and how we go about it.

No response.

All of these people and plenty more, we can help. We can, in a little over thirty days, get them a second revenue stream at a nice, fixed APR. Honestly, I don’t know anyone else who can do this besides us.

The hardest part is breaking through.

The mind is an amazingly powerful barrier. It erects subconscious walls that are sometimes impossible to break through. When something sounds too good to be true, or is simply outside the realm of what a person considers possible, their mental gears lock up. Doubts, concerns, and cynicism set in. A person becomes unable to hear. Whatever ideological mantra that goes against their challenged belief starts to become a louder, deafening, narrowing tone.

One of the biggest challenges of this gig is that it’s so good people don’t believe it. Yes, you can get up to 25% APR on your money. Yes, we can get your first payment in a little over a month. No, we’ve never missed a payment to a client. Yes, we have a 20 year track record. Yes, we have multiple ways we reduce risk. Yes, we can cover the cost of that car, that student loan, those bills, that college tuition. Yes, yes, yes!

But are you, beloved, able to hear?

If you’re wondering more about private lending, you’re welcome to schedule a time to talk. If you’d like to read more of my cyber-etchings, more posts can be found here.

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