12 Ways My Life Changed

Worst or best year ever?

2020 has been, paradoxically, one of the best years of my life. For the few of you who actually know me, you’ll find this peculiarity rather fitting in respect to my identity. It’s strange. I’m strange. The lines get blurred.

But I am doing really, really well.

Fourteen months ago I was introduced to a man who changed my life. Does that sound hyperbolic? It’s actually the understatement of the year. Changed my life? He blew it out of the water. A mentor. A friend. An entrepreneur. A CEO. A visionary. This man spent the last two decades building a financial empire specifically designed to partner with others for mutual abundance. It works so well that I no longer need a job. And it’s open to almost anyone with an ounce of humility and the capacity to say “yes.”

A Christmas list.

Since it’s the Christmas season, here’s a list. Bloggers are known for lists. They’re perfectly cliche. However, they are also a good way to break down points into bite-size pieces. So, here we go (*cracks knuckles*). Since I started down this path, here’s how my life has changed:

  • Personal mentorship from a multimillionaire.
  • Working out more regularly.
  • Healthier eating.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Reduced pain in my body (my previous job was pretty rough).
  • Capacity to help others with their finances.
  • Regular increases in passive income.
  • Improvement in my mental health.
  • Ability to set my own schedule.
  • Time to work on personal projects.
  • Positive and hopeful outlook for the future.
  • Networking and meeting with others on the path to success.

Which of those stand out?

Would you like to see an improvement in anything listed above? A positive and hopeful outlook for the future has been my most prominent change.

Most people don’t know that I’ve had a really rough start down this path to financial freedom. I saved a good nest egg during my military time only to lose it all in a failed business venture. Then I gave a run at trading stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, futures, and forex. I failed at these dozens of times. I bought a top real estate course from one of the best gurus in the country, only to discover that I needed anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 a month to properly market his system. Nothing worked.

But partnering in private lending has completely changed my mindset from despair to hopefulness. The system is built. You have a path. Your average person has a way out of the grind of the 9-5. You don’t have to waste the best years of your life. Once the regular, monthly income starts coming in, the process is simply rinse-and-repeat.

Then, the world is yours.

If you’re wondering more about private lending, you’re welcome to schedule a time to talk. If you’d like to read more of my cyber-etchings, more posts can be found here.

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