Retirement vs. Financial Freedom

Let’s make a distinction. Being financially free does not mean that a person is retired (although they could be). Being financially free simply means one thing: Your monthly passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. This means a janitor who created $3,000 in monthly passive income to cover $2950 of monthly expenses is technically financially free.Continue reading “Retirement vs. Financial Freedom”

College vs. Contract

This is going to sting a little. Today, the average cost of one year of college in the United States (room and board, tuition and fees) is $26,820 at a public, in-state university. That’s right. It gets significantly more expensive if you either go out-of-state or go to a private college (over $40,000 and $50,000Continue reading “College vs. Contract”

Covering the Cost of That Awful Monthly Expense

Is there a monthly expense you despise? Perhaps a car payment? A student loan? Or a medical bill? Maybe it’s something bigger such as child support. You know if you can cover this expense, your life would be so much easier. Yesterday I was speaking to a family member who had to get a newContinue reading “Covering the Cost of That Awful Monthly Expense”