Passive Income With No Money Down

Before We Begin… Let’s discuss two very important points: First, leverage is not for everyone. And by leverage, I mean controlling a larger amount of money with a smaller amount of money. If you don’t have 1) a solid cash reserve and 2) the basic financial discipline of spending-less-and-saving-more, I don’t recommend the use of leverage. YouContinue reading “Passive Income With No Money Down”

How’s That Working Out For You?

New Year’s resolutions. Ah, January! That reflective time of the year when we reevaluate our career, goals, and relationships. When we look at the scale in the bathroom and sigh. When we sign up for an annual gym membership and only use it for three weeks. Many of us set new year’s resolutions. Yet, ifContinue reading “How’s That Working Out For You?”

Retirement vs. Financial Freedom

Let’s make a distinction. Being financially free does not mean that a person is retired (although they could be). Being financially free simply means one thing: Your monthly passive income exceeds your monthly expenses. This means a janitor who created $3,000 in monthly passive income to cover $2950 of monthly expenses is technically financially free.Continue reading “Retirement vs. Financial Freedom”

12 Ways My Life Changed

Worst or best year ever? 2020 has been, paradoxically, one of the best years of my life. For the few of you who actually know me, you’ll find this peculiarity rather fitting in respect to my identity. It’s strange. I’m strange. The lines get blurred. But I am doing really, really well. Fourteen months agoContinue reading “12 Ways My Life Changed”

The System is Built

Have you ever purchased a wealth-building course? I have. Quite a few actually. How did that work out for you? Courses from gurus who have achieved success in business, real estate, or in the markets. “And you can do it, too! Just follow these three, easy steps!” You take a risk, make a purchase ofContinue reading “The System is Built”

My CEO Has This Saying

“Your job is to save people from themselves.” When I first started down this path to financial independence well over a year ago, my CEO said this simple phrase to me. “Jay, your job is to save people from themselves.” Mind you, he was saying this well before I started networking for him like IContinue reading “My CEO Has This Saying”

Pouncing on Opportunity

There is something I’ve noticed. Since I started this crazy adventure of financial freedom, networking, and pseudo-self-employment, here is one thing I’ve discovered: There are people who see opportunity and pounce. On the other side of the coin are people who are either not at all interested in risk. Tire kickers. They ask all theContinue reading “Pouncing on Opportunity”

Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 2

The only currency is time. Everything else can be multiplied. Welcome to part two of a billion about why you’re not (yet) financially free. This time it’s about time to discuss time! Every day when you wake up, the clock starts ticking. You have approximately 23 hours and 56 minutes until the earth completes itsContinue reading “Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 2”

Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 1

This is going to be an ongoing series. Why, you ask? Mostly because there are literally dozens of reasons why a person (please hear this) chooses not to pursue a route of financial freedom. And by financial freedom, I mean that their passive income (rental, interest, royalty, or dividend income, for example) exceeds there monthlyContinue reading “Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 1”