College vs. Contract

This is going to sting a little. Today, the average cost of one year of college in the United States (room and board, tuition and fees) is $26,820 at a public, in-state university. That’s right. It gets significantly more expensive if you either go out-of-state or go to a private college (over $40,000 and $50,000Continue reading “College vs. Contract”

The System is Built

Have you ever purchased a wealth-building course? I have. Quite a few actually. How did that work out for you? Courses from gurus who have achieved success in business, real estate, or in the markets. “And you can do it, too! Just follow these three, easy steps!” You take a risk, make a purchase ofContinue reading “The System is Built”

Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 4

Problems with the middle-class strategy. If you call up your typical brokerage firm, they’re mostly going to all say the same thing: Put money into an IRA or 401k, invest in index funds, and pay off as much debt as you can. Then, after slaving away 40 hours a week for the next four decades,Continue reading “Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 4”

Covering the Cost of That Awful Monthly Expense

Is there a monthly expense you despise? Perhaps a car payment? A student loan? Or a medical bill? Maybe it’s something bigger such as child support. You know if you can cover this expense, your life would be so much easier. Yesterday I was speaking to a family member who had to get a newContinue reading “Covering the Cost of That Awful Monthly Expense”

My Last Day Working 9-to-5

I’ll never forget the day I quit my day job. A while back I had my last day of working a day job. Praise God. I had finally created enough passive income to cover my monthly expenses (and then some). I had enough in savings to be comfortable. This was it. There’s no turning backContinue reading “My Last Day Working 9-to-5”

Would You Like a Free Car?

Doubts. Fears. Concerns. “Nothing is free. “That’s not possible.” “Free car? Yeah, right!” Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. I’m looking for the rare individual who asks, “Really? How?” Let’s start with this. The two most common ways to purchase a car are pretty straightforward. You can either: 1)Pay for the car outright, or you can… 2)Finance theContinue reading “Would You Like a Free Car?”

Cashflow, Not Courses

There are a lot of gurus out there. Teachers. Masters of money. They pitch you with binders and videos and mentoring. They offer the highest returns and make a disclaimer that such results are not common. They have Facebook pages and Instagram videos. They spam your email. They have a book to sell you thatContinue reading “Cashflow, Not Courses”

What is Normal?

When I first talked with the CEO of our production company, I was extremely skeptical of the returns he offered. “25% APR?” “For three years? Sure! Easy as pie.” “So, 25% each year? Not in total?” I asked doubtfully. “That’s correct.” “There’s no way. That’s not normal. That’s… impossible.” “Why?” he asked. “Have you everContinue reading “What is Normal?”

Do You Jump?

I have been given the most unusual opportunity. A blank paycheck. A level of freedom that is paralyzing in its scope of choices. I’m still processing the capacity I have to do whatever I wish (and help others do the same). It’s as if 1,000 doors are in front of me and someone beside meContinue reading “Do You Jump?”