My CEO Has This Saying

“Your job is to save people from themselves.” When I first started down this path to financial independence well over a year ago, my CEO said this simple phrase to me. “Jay, your job is to save people from themselves.” Mind you, he was saying this well before I started networking for him like IContinue reading “My CEO Has This Saying”

Would You Like a Free Car?

Doubts. Fears. Concerns. “Nothing is free. “That’s not possible.” “Free car? Yeah, right!” Coulda. Woulda. Shoulda. I’m looking for the rare individual who asks, “Really? How?” Let’s start with this. The two most common ways to purchase a car are pretty straightforward. You can either: 1)Pay for the car outright, or you can… 2)Finance theContinue reading “Would You Like a Free Car?”