Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 1

This is going to be an ongoing series. Why, you ask? Mostly because there are literally dozens of reasons why a person (please hear this) chooses not to pursue a route of financial freedom. And by financial freedom, I mean that their passive income (rental, interest, royalty, or dividend income, for example) exceeds there monthlyContinue reading “Why You’re Not Financially Free: Part 1”

What is Normal?

When I first talked with the CEO of our production company, I was extremely skeptical of the returns he offered. “25% APR?” “For three years? Sure! Easy as pie.” “So, 25% each year? Not in total?” I asked doubtfully. “That’s correct.” “There’s no way. That’s not normal. That’s… impossible.” “Why?” he asked. “Have you everContinue reading “What is Normal?”

Do You Jump?

I have been given the most unusual opportunity. A blank paycheck. A level of freedom that is paralyzing in its scope of choices. I’m still processing the capacity I have to do whatever I wish (and help others do the same). It’s as if 1,000 doors are in front of me and someone beside meContinue reading “Do You Jump?”